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Sitting Is Killing You!

Serving the better good of industrial automation means a lot of time sitting at a desk in front of a computer.  Whether programming a PLC or detailing a panel layout, I sit almost the entire work day; not to mention the over 2 hours I spend commuting each day in my car.  You’ve probably heard about the dangers of sitting too much on long flights, but did it ever really occur to you that sitting at your desk is the same thing?  You do that every day!  The statistics don’t lie as you can see for yourself below in a graphic depiction of the dangers lurking right around the corner.  If you follow my other blog Running for a Cure, you’ll know that I am in the process of training for the 2011 NYC Marathon on Nov 6th.  This is a two part plan: 1. to raise awareness of rare cancers that are killing people every day and 2. to get back into shape and avoid the lurking killer under my rump.  My suggestion, from one sitter to another: Get up; jump up; do cartwheels; do whatever you need to do to stay active and lower your risk.

Sitting is Killing You

Wishing you a Good 38!

Well I was informed by a co-worker that today is a very special day. It’s 38. How is that special you may ask? Well, for all you programmers out there, you may noticed that today’s date in 6 digit format ‘100110’ is binary code for 38 (or 26h if that’s how you roll). This happens 9 times during a year that ends in ’00, ’01, ’10, or ’11. Today is the 4th occurrence of a binary date in 2010. With only 36 days per century (0.09%) being binary, today is very special. So, I wish you all a very happy 38!

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