Once an iPad intrudes, there’s no escape. You will be more productive. Let me set things straight, I hate Apple. I don’t like the way they force you into their own products and completely ignore the other technology that is everywhere you look. Anyone who knows me understands that I think they have the cleanest products out on the market and for good reason…they do. The OS is simple and effective. Android has far more capabilities and features, but that is only because it’s open source. If Apple would climb down off their high-horse and share the code, there could be some fantastic handsets and tablets out there with limitless accessories.


To set things straight again, this post is being written from an iPad 2, see how tired I look? That’s what new technology will do to you. Keep you up until all hours of the night when you should be sleeping. If this ‘gadget’ wasn’t what it was all cracked up to be, I’d be asleep and dreaming of burritos and Maker’s Mark. Unfortunately, I have to say that I’m very impressed with the intuitive navigation of the iPad though once again, the Safari web browser leaves lots to be desired with no native support for Flash or JavaScript apps. Oh well, maybe in the next OS Mr. Jobs will lighten up his death grip.